Flashy in Pink, Kiss a Rose Dead

On Saturday, 4-year-old Flashy in Pink “suffered a fracture to her right front leg while breezing on the training track” at Belmont. She is dead. The Richard Metivier-trained mare last raced at Saratoga in August. NY’s 2014 Death Toll: 10.

Also on Saturday, 3-year-old filly Kiss a Rose (below) collapsed and died after finishing last in a race in Caulfield, Australia. Although it was hot (about 80), officials insist heat was not a factor, instead attributing it to “sudden death.”



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  1. Since 2011 I have been looking for a Hard Spun filly,named Beer Run,last ran tht Oct at Indiana downs,has anyone heard or seen anything about where she might be,she was only 2yrs old. Thanks

    • Horses disappear in the blink of an eye, especially in the racing industry. I would reach out to the racing office at the track where she last raced and try to track down her last owner/trainer. Good luck!

  2. Yes, sudden death, and what does that explain ! Sudden death has a cause but I guess nobody is interested in the cause.

    • PS Why are they pulling on poor filly’s head instead of trying to cool her off. She would get up if she were able.

  3. “muttley 1”, have you tried to find and contact Beer Run’s last owner or trainer of record? Owner was Robson Thoroughbreds and trainer, Timothy Martin. That poor filly was trying to tell them something!…only 4 starts…a 5th, 8th, a DNF, and then 7th/last. DONE at 2 years old…

    Flashy in Pink and Kiss a Rose, RIP sweet fillies. We know you lived…we know racing took everything you had, your very lives.

  4. Yes a guy at Darley even tried findi g out,he said she might be retired,he really did do alot of questioning,but wht puzzles me is couldnt the owner tell us where she is?strange

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