Sulwaan Dead at Belmont

Sulwaan, a six-year-old Irish Thoroughbred who began his “career” in England, was killed Thursday after being injured in a steeplechase race at Belmont Park. Besides the ill-fated gelding, 3 others were official DNFs. Thus far in 2013, with more than a month of racing yet to come, Belmont has lost 23 horses.

images (1)

points of interest in the race replay below:

Dr. Skip “spilling” at the 3rd fence (1:12)
Cognashene “blasting right through the [4th] fence” (1:54)
Sulwaan “pulling up” after the 9th fence (3:28)
homestretch “guiding” of the six horses who did finish (around 4:20)

the race… (hit Race Replays, then Thursday, September 19, Race 1)


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  1. It is past time to stop this animal abuse. Unfortunately, there is money involved and too many who are in the horse industry do not care about the horse. The public, on the other hand, does not “know” what is going on. People hear about the “greats” such as Zanyetta, Wise Dan and others of such fame. Most people are under the impression that the horse leads a pampered life and the industry want to keep it that way.

    There must be a concentrated effort to raise awareness of the dark side of this abusive and dishonest industry.

    • True, Rose, peoplefocus on the Zenyatta’s etc., but those are less than 1 %, the other have terrible fates! Stop the animal abuse !

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